More Than Measurement

Pathformance's Planning, Optimization, and Measurement solution can assist Marketers who need to test, learn, measure, and improve every aspect of their marketing strategy.

With the Pathformance Marketing Intelligence platform, you have a single lens for evaluating the effectiveness of all your efforts and the ability to include those learnings in each new campaign.

What you get

Benchmarks for Custom Setup Control

Single Lens Measurement

Test and Learn

Continuous Improvement

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Insights and Intelligence


Integrated Measurement

Measurement connected to your execution strategy helps you understand the true impact by using our "follow the media" approach.

Sales Data

Pathformance has access to key retailers, channels, and location data for planning, executing, and measuring your campaigns.

Bring Your Own Data

Safely and securely load your data in our measurement platform directly from the retailer, through a DSR, or other data platform.

In-Flight Optimization

Set conditions to trigger automated campaign response to conditions in the data. Allocate media dollars for maximum marketing efficiency in
real time.

Frequently asked questions

  • What makes a campaign feasible?
    Feasibility is determined by the scope of the campaign and the strategy being executed. Provide your desired spend per store, household, or other cohort and our planning platform will help you optimize your feasibility plan.
  • Is Pathformance measurement statistically significant?
    Statistical significance is not guaranteed. Pathformance strives to provide the most accurate results possible, based on the best data available. Pathformance provides full-disclosure Measurement.
  • What is full-disclosure measurement?
    Full-disclosure measurement means that we do not use hidden extrapolation or projection strategies to express lift or impact. Instead, we provide a measurement guide with each campaign that describes the steps and care we take in every campaign to ensure our test is balanced and our results are accurate.
  • Do you only measure the bottom-of-funnel sales?
    Pathformance prioritizes sales as the most important metric, but oftentimes a top-of-funnel campaign strategy is better served by looking at metrics such as Market Share, which we can help with as well. 
  • Can Pathformance measure cookieless media?
    Yes! Pathformance measurement has always been "Cookieless" and has been supporting cookieless measurement since day one.
  • Can Pathformance measure in-store activity?
    Yes! Pathformance has access to Nielsen Display Data and can also connect with your in-store execution data from your broker or 3rd party merchandising service provider.
  • Can Pathformance measure Specialty Retailers and Restaurants?
    Yes! Pathformance can provide measurement for any scenario where the sales data and activation plan can be isolated to enable the comparison. We will work with you to develop a measurement strategy to meet your specific needs.

As the CEO of Pathformance, Elizabeth Johnson is responsible for leading the company, which is focused on the data technology, ad-tech, and measurement industry.

Elizabeth has a proven executive track record with over 20 years of experience driving sales growth in the CPG and technology industries and is passionate about all things CPG, Retail, Ad-Tech, and Digital Marketing.

Elizabeth enjoys mentoring and helping others succeed in their career journeys.

Elizabeth resides in Naples, FL with her husband and two boys where they enjoy the beach and beautiful Gulf sunsets.


As CRO Chris Bedford leads the Product, Marketing, and Sales efforts for Pathformance.

Chris has spent the past 20 years helping CPG Manufacturers, Retailers and Marketers leverage technology to improve their businesses and their lives.

Chris also enjoys golf, watersports, and spending time with his family.


Kent brings over 30 years of experience as a CPA in public and private practice. After selling firm in 2010, Kent has worked with many companies as CFO and contract consultant. His breadth of experience includes traditional CFO management roles, tax, forecasting, planning, cash flow, business management, acquisitions as well as in-depth entity and start-up consultation for clients throughout the US.

In the 1990’s, included with standard public accounting and tax roles, Kent was a consultant to large insurance companies for complicated business interruption reporting and continuity planning matters.

Pathformance is his most recent and exciting role.

As for personal interests, on land, Kent and his daughter are passionate horse-people. On water, he sails Lake Superior, Virgin Islands with new plans for other parts of the world.

Director of Analytics

Michele Reis works side by side with clients from campaign set-up to in-flight touchpoints to final results as the Director of Analytics at Pathformance. Her unique experience allows her to collaborate with our clients on best practices for campaign set up, product availability, and retailer targeting.

Michele was born and raised in Brazil, where she started her career with her family’s company, working as the buyer for 5 retail clothing stores. Michele came to the US in 2006 to pursue an MBA in Minneapolis. Upon completion of her MBA, she worked for The Hershey Company for over 10 years in Category Management and Sales with a variety of retailers.

During her free time, Michele’s passions are mountain biking, running, and traveling with her two young daughters.

VP of Sales

Daniel will be entering his 20th year of sales with experience in TV, mobile pure play, programmatic, search, SEO, agency side and data. With a passion for problem solving, Daniel takes a consultative approach with clients and invests extensive time and efforts into fully understanding our customer's business needs.

He is Chicago based with three boys 12, 11 and 8. He coaches two elite youth hockey teams, runs camps and clinics yet still finds time to prioritize raising money for the cure of Type 1 Diabetes.

Senior Analytics Manager

Brittany Sullivan brings significant CPG analytics experience across a variety of channels, retailers, categories, and brands to her role with Pathformance as Senior Manager of Analytics.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two sons, who would like a dog (or a parrot, or a lizard...).

Marketing Analytics/Data Science Associate

Ann is a graduate student at the University of South Florida (Tampa). Ann was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, and still lives there currently. Ann graduated with my B.A. in statistics and minor in psychology.

In addition, business management, economics, and marketing analytics are her focus and passion. In August, Ann started pursuing her master’s in marketing with an emphasis in marketing analytics.

Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Brandon graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Digital Advertising Graphic Imagery in 2021.

Brandon was a part of the American Advertising Federation. He was involved in a regional competition to rebrand Adobe Experience cloud. While also working for Red Bull as a Student Brand Manager. He has been involved in marketing/design since 2017 with his first internship at The Dirt Oval Route 66 Raceway. He has kept himself busy and up to date by building websites, creating new digital logos, advertisements, and incorporating some print advertising for his university.

Brandon resides in Chicago, and is excited to start a new chapter with Pathformance. In his free time you can find him working out, riding his motorcycle, and in the winter in Wisconsin riding his snowmobile.

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