Follow Your Sales

Refine your Store List based on Sales


Determine which calculator to use

If you know your budget and want to see how many locations you can cover, then choose “Locations.” If you need to determine your budget, then choose “Budget.”

Next enter your "Goal Metric"

Let’s say you want to make sure you have no less than 1,000 impressions per store each week and an eCPM of $18.00. You will want to set your “Goal Metric” to $18.00.



Then enter your Locations, Weeks and/or Budget depending on which calculator you are using

The calculator will return an expected budget, expected number of locations, or expected time of campaign depending on your initial selection.

Refine your eligible location list based on sales performance and distribution

Many different sales calculations can be created for our platform clients, however the two on the demo are "Store Sales Rank" and "Item Count by Store".



Notice as you change the filters the total store count is adjusting and the $/Store/Week is also changing

As you filter to the best performing stores, the business volume you are supporting goes up. This means that every % of sales lift will generate more in terms of actual return.

Finally, work with a Pathformance team member to use your newly refined list to set up a measurement plan for your campaign.