Data Pull Instructions

Basic Retailer POS Data

The following instruction is for advertisers who wish to leverage their own data to measure their campaigns.

For sales data, please provide the following information

Last 52 weeks of sales data by store/item/week with no “Rollups”. Please include both $ and units sold if available. This data should be updated each week with the latest week's data through the campaign and post campaign analysis period.

File format can be excel, txt or csv.

It is preferred that columns are laid out as shown below.

Each store or location must have a unique ID.

If system limitations require weeks to be in columns that is acceptable.

Please ensure all weekly updates match original format.


Retrieving data from Retail Link

Item Master

First you need to run an item master which will help to define the items and to calculate the max size of the reports run in Retail Link.

Calculate MAX Number of Weeks

Divide the Max Rows possible in RL (10,000,000) by the sum of the column POS Store Count for all items to be reported. Please include all items that should be in the total brand halo as well as the featured campaign items. This number gives you the max number of weeks you can fit in one report.

(Max Rows / Sum of POS Store Count = Max Weeks Per report)


Historical and Weekly Data Reports


Select the following columns:

  • Walmart Week (no formatting selection)
  • Store #
  • Item #
  • UPC
  • POS $ Sold
  • POS Units Sold
  • Hist on-hand


For item filter, it is recommended to use your vendor number so that all items are captured in future reports, Walmart item numbers change without notice so filtering by item number can cause you to miss future changes.


For date range select Last 52 weeks, if possible, otherwise select the max number of weeks and run 52 weeks in multiple reports. (Ex. If sum of POS Store Count is 2,500,000 then 4 weeks is the maximum selection, and the report will have to be run 13 times. You do not have to wait on each report, simply change the date range and submit until you have all 52 weeks. The reports will not fail if the process is followed exactly.


This report must be run as “Compressed” “Text”

Upon submitting your last report for the historical load, please set the date range to last 4 weeks (if 4 weeks stays under 10MM) then schedule the report to run each weekend and save the report so that you will only have to retrieve the report each Monday morning.

Use the Dropbox link provided from a completed RFP form for submitting all files.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Pathformance team member for assistance.